Class Details:

Saturday, January 9, 9-12am

Location: Taylors Chapel Cafe Lobby, 150 Taylors Tots Trail, Brunswick

What is a LifeBook?

Your LifeBook is your very own custom-made life and dream organization system. It is a book that you build specifically for your goals, interests, and tasks. Your LifeBook holds goals both big and small. It holds important information for all areas of your life. It holds important ideas and lists. It holds details and tasks for each month. And then it breaks all of that down into manageable day-to-day pages. It’s more than a planner; it’s a system to organize and implement your dreams while growing as an individual and mastering your daily to-dos.

I started “LifeBooking” out of my own digital frustration. Apps and to-do programs just didn’t give me the heart and soul behind my day-to-day efforts. My LifeBook puts my dreams and important areas of life FIRST, which is what makes it so powerful.

This LifeBook System is designed to help you create your own LifeBooking system. By the end, you will have your own LifeBook with your own unique plans and dreams. Your LifeBook won’t look exactly like mine, and won’t hold the same contents as mine. 

And that is the goal: To make an organization system that works for YOU. If you can make it work for you, then it WILL work!

Reasons to get started with Lifebooking!

  • You want to live with intention by planning and tracking it, not just “thinking” it.
  • You need a method for chasing those “big-daddy-dreaming-big” goals.
  • You are looking for a way to integrate all the boxes and corners of your life.
  • Traditional paper planners and current digital apps just don’t fit your needs.

You need a system that will turn your dreams into reality while ticking away at the day-to-day elements of life, all in a format that works for you.

LIVE LifeBook Class Registration

In this three hour class, you will learn how to use "Lifebooking" (modified to fit you from my own planning system) and you will go through the process of building your own Lifebook! 

When you register, you will immediately receive your link to the welcome and activities that will get you ready for the class!

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