Thinking about circles as symbols of wholeness and completion. Thinking about what my life will look like on the other side of this break.

Thinking about things fractured and things connected, things broken and things whole. Thinking about how we live in increments of now: moments, days, decades. But the beauty is in these moments as a whole. 

Yes, these separated moments could stand on their own, but what happens when we put them all together? 
A more complete and powerful picture emerges.

One-Handed Mandy Report

-- Absentmindedly carried a can of beans across the kitchen with my left hand. No pain, no cause for alarm. #ready
-- PT at home = stretch & strengthen. My hand no longer feels like it's going to flop off my arm when I take the brace off for PT.
-- Sixth week is a balance between stir-crazy & tired. Overwhelm and pain are long gone. The worst is behind me. Now there's just the waiting. #ready
-- Appt in two weeks. Might be my last. Might wear a cap and gown. #ready #ready #ready

One-Handed Mandy

Broken wrist, surgery, recovery. Will be a while before I'm back in the studio, but making the most of it.

Flowers of Love and Hope

What do we do when others are hurting? We bring offerings of comfort and hope. And these flowers are my way of saying to the world: I love you and I care about your pain and we are all in this together. These flowers reach for healing and love and neighborliness, with their symbology of life and progress and growth. 

So in the quiet of my post-election studio, I held our aching hearts close to mine and I did what I could to spread love.

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Go get some inspiration.

I'm a die-hard believer that inspiration isn't something we must wait for while sitting on our hands until it comes. We can go out and get it. 

Take note of those things that spark inspiration and ideas. And return to them faithfully. This is the magic of Cameron's "artist dates" and the magic of the creative process in general.  

Shots from a recent trip to gather inspiration. Oh how my mind danced! 



More Watering...


It has something to do with being empty: these moments when we are supposed to be creating and yet we just can't bring ourselves to do it. When all our creative energy is required by life before we can devote any to the canvas, and then we wake up one day and the well is dry dry dry...


We've had a series of minor complications that seem to have completely knocked me out of flow. I'm supposed to be back in the studio slinging paint yesterday but I'm sitting in a big pile of don't wanna.


This is going to take more watering than I thought.

Fighting for Flow

Big changes take time to adjust to... And with a pile of changes asking for my creative energy, pushing paint has been slow.

  • New school year.
  • Family crises.

The rhythm should return in a week or less. And I'm curious to see what it will do to this pile of canvasses I've been prepping in the meantime.

Ready to get back in flow, and trusting that it will come.

Why we are raising prices in March:

To my dear Patrons and Supporters:

You have been an important part of my journey as an artist, and I’m excited to share more growth developments with you! As you’ve seen in the past year, MT Art has not only grown into a downtown presence at the Brunswick Stewdio, but my art is being displayed in many venues in our area. And with continued attention comes a greater community of patrons and supporters. We are also setting exciting precedents in how we use proceeds to invest in charities that change the future for women and children who are oppressed by human trafficking and/or abandoned by their families, as we donated all of December’s proceeds to the International Justice Mission. We want to continue to make significant donations to this cause and others.


Image courtesy M. Garman

Image courtesy M. Garman

To reflect all of these changes, as well as my continued growth and establishment as a local artist, we will be raising prices in March. This is an exciting development as it means that the work you’ve collected from me will be considered more valuable. Not only that, but your future investments in my art will fold into the charitable donations that MT Art will continue to make.

As an artist, my deepest desire is to create art that speaks to the soul and inspires change. I am seeing dreams come true more quickly than I can absorb, and the dream of being an artist has blossomed into something that is extending not only to your life but to the lives of others who’s names and faces we may never know.

Thank you for partnering with me and being a part of the art. You mean more to me than you know.

Your artist,


Finding the balance...

When I was in the music, the visual was my play.

Now I'm in the visual, and the music has become my play. Mostly, drums. But it's time to pull the guitar back out, dust off the fretboard, and rebuild those callouses.

2016 Is about balance. About the toggle between work and play. Rest and energy. Creating and discovering.

Returning to the guitar is a return to who I was, and who I still am. It's a return to an expression that has always held a sense of wonder and play.

Yes to your adventure?

"The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure." Joseph Campbell


As quoted from Brene Brown's Rising Strong. I'm slowly working my way through this book, digesting her words about our falling and rising, about integrating all aspects of ourselves from the good to the bad, owning our stories in ways that make us strong, whole, and wholehearted.

All of this comes at a time where I am working hard to embrace my adventure: to integrate aspects of myself that are not easy to own: my High Sensitivity and consequent social anxiety. Working within one, working my way out of another.