Explore Analogue

Each issue holds 25 pages of journal excerpts, observances, stories and experiences, tools for you to engage the soul, prompts for reflection, mainly small adjustments you can make in your life to be more soulful and aware.

So, if you are:

  • bothered by how fast-paced and reactive your life has become

  • looking for ways to live both plugged in and pulled back from the digital age

  • craving moments that connect with your soul, while staying engaged in the practical

Then Analogue is for you.

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Issue 1 • Seeding

Of course we start our journey here, with seeds. With hints of how to tend our souls… With sketches from the beauty of an everyday world. With notes and questions and experiences that all tie together. And even though these seeds began their own work in my life, they are also for you.

Issue 2 • Nowful

If you…

  • want to shake that “where was I?” feeling…

  • are seeking ways to solidify your soul’s focus…

  • would like a greater sense of the Sacred in everyday moments…

Then let’s take a walk together.

Issue 3 • Soul Food

Let’s listen. Really listen. Not to me; to you.

…right there, in those quiet moments, that thought will sneak into our minds so quickly you might miss it if you’re not expecting it.

That one. The one that starts with “I want…” THAT’s what we’re listening for, right there. Let’s get still and listen to our longings.


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