Example of a 30x40inch canvas print hot off the presses!

Example of a 30x40inch canvas print hot off the presses!

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Unique and handmade gifts for those who live big, connect the soul, and love art. 

  • Originals
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  • Journals
  • Fine Art Greeting Cards

And all items listed on this page are $50 and under! If you have any questions, please email me at mandy@mandythompson.com. I'm happy to help you find the perfect gift! (If you're looking for a bit more, take a look at canvas print options listed with each artwork. The quality is incredible!)

>>> NOTE TO FARAWAY FRIENDS: Plan 7-10 days for shipping. However, expedited shipping can be arranged upon request!

Originals: Limited Edition Series of Mini-Art

Choose from one of these series, and Mandy will handpick your painting for you. They are all unique but have color and concept similarities. 

These are perfect for desks, night stands, prayer altars, and gifts. A great starter piece for those wanting to begin their own original art collection. All paintings are 4in x 4in on panel, with keyhole slots to hang snug against the wall. "MT Minis" are already settling into homes and lives. One in the bedroom of a six year old girl who is starting her own private art collection. Another on a bedside prayer and meditation altar. A set going to an elderly mom who loves sunrises. 

Mix and match to create a mini-gallery!

Popular Prints:

These pieces have been selected again and again as gifts and personal gallery pieces. Pricing as listed indicates the cost of prints. Some originals are available as well!

For framing suggestions, take a look at my free e-book with framing tips HERE.

Paper Lovers: : Journals and cards are the perfect place to capture the voice of the soul.

For those who appreciate the healing power of the written word, these cards and journals are an excellent gift idea. 

Oh the stories these journals are telling. One will be traveling between siblings stretched across the country. Another will bring a friend back into the world of prayer. Others are gifts for a group of long-standing soul-sisters.
There's a rich history of journals as sacred space to revive the soul. And, in the reflective quiet of my studio time, my own art revives my soul. To be able to share it with you and help you find ways to bring healing in your own inner life? Oh what a privilege. Thank you.
Pages are lined on one side and blank on the other. It's a great way to inspire creativity and ideation, with room for both verbal and visual thought. Each journal is complete with a white ribbon attached at the top of the spine to help keep your place during your written journey.