When in doubt...

It's the annoying "here I am again" feeling. The "why do I keep doing this?" questions... Some things will only surface through patience, awareness, and a safe space. This is why I journal. And in fifteen minutes we can move from unconscious to conscious, from confusion to clarity. 

When in (self)doubt, fill in the blanks—and repeat as needed:



When's the last time you took a few minutes to watch the mini-adventures of nature in your front yard? Austin Kleon talks about how revealing it can be to sit in the same place for a week and record what you see, “describing the mundane surroundings” and catching the most interesting thing you see. 

A few days ago, I caught the way the early fog descends from treetop to rooftop. Last week it was the way a squirrel just couldn’t quite reach far enough to grab the new bird feeder. A few weeks ago, we watched a wasp drag a spider across the yard for three nights in a row (chilling, honestly). Sometimes it’s the way the golden-hour makes the trunks shine before falling below the horizon, or that storm rolling in from the west. There’s so much life to see, if we only slow down to notice.

(Highly recommend Kleon's 30min talk about the Steal Like an Artist Journal. Inspiring shots of others' journals will be waiting.)


The Pavlovian Bell of My Creative Time

The soundtrack of my "inspiration time" - Cate le Bon's whimsical, reaching music keeps my right brain dancing. Patient but not pushy. A sort of "it's okay to not be okay" sound that feels like painting. This is what my Friday with Maira Kalman sounded like.
It's good to train your brain to get into different mindsets. We all have an inner Pavlovian dog that just needs the right whistle to hop to it. Now when I hit play, my mind anticipates new discoveries and explorations.

Read the Sketches, Read Your Life

The sketch pages are not filler—they are chosen for what they say without (many) words. Last fall’s books held me at calling and vocation, how we are made, why we are made. You won’t find that written out in Analogue’s pages, but it’s all here in the sketch. And Analogue readers have learned to “read” these sketches as much as our words.
What are you reading these days, and why?
Or, even better: What are you sketching, and why?


See for Yourself

Patterns, stories, intellectual, spiritual. Rob Forbes is speaking my language. Observation is everything when it comes to gathering inspiration. And the same for collecting material and inspiration for our "Learning to See" course this fall at Coastal Pines. This is how Analogue is formed; this is how I journal; this is how I navigate my personal journey.

(book recommendation via Mandy Steward)


Having a small-steps summer over here, where the creative things I usually accomplish in a day are stretched out over a week. This week's effort: sketches.

I found freedom and focus on this other side of embracing one creative project at a time, instead of spinning All The Plates All The Time. The permission makes space for deep work, deep concentration, deep thinking, and really: deep creativity.

Twyla Tharpe calls it "the bubble," where all her creative focus points in one direction. Dani Shapiro talks about clearing the deck to immerse in a project. They both know that our best work comes out of a concentration of our creative energy.

I never thought a summer of minimal creative time would lead me to this...but dang, they're right.

Issue 3 Giveaway!

Analogue Giveaway!
The printer sent extra copies, and out of their generosity we are sharing as well!
Issue 3 is all about longings, soul-hunger, the deep "wants" that bubble to the surface. What do we do with them? How do we listen to them?
If you'd like to enter the giveaway, let me know! Will be picking winners later this week.
Love y'all!!