Sitting by my man on a chocolate colored couch by a simple fire with simple music streaming. I'm feeling quiet and reflective. It's time to thank 2012 for what it has given me. And think towards 2013. I've got my planner prepped. My word written. My goals for 2013 set.

We need this, don't we? We need the potential and possibility of a new year. We need the turning of the page. The start of a new calendar. We need the end-of-the-year reviews and the new-year resolutions.

We need to hit the reset button on ourselves sometimes.

This fire and this night and this giddy anticipation of 2013 has me enchanted. Why don't I do this more often? Why don't I have end-of-the-season reviews? New-season resolutions? Why don't I pick a word for each season?

Why don't I hit my personal reset button more often?

Why don't we all?

When I finish typing this sentence I will mark the change of seasons on my calendar and I will set aside time for End-of-the-Season Reviews and New-Season Resolutions, because once a year is not enough.