But you can't hear the noise.

A regular day in the studio:

  • a bottle of water
  • an idea worth committing to
  • fast-flowing and time-muting noise

I'd heard of creative "flow" but didn't know what it was until the day I realized I couldn't stand working with noise. I mean, I tried building my own soundtracks to sort of mimic the emotion of that day's piece. And when the music became distracting, I turned to podcasts. Then realized my inability to actually absorb the charlie-brown-teacher-wah-wah-wah prattle of conversation.

I thought I needed to fill the silence.

Then I gave up on filling the silence, and boy did those creative synapses in my brain start firing. That "fast-flowing and time-muting noise" all happens in my head. My neurons DANCE when the studio is quiet.

And so it goes: