Leaping into the Unknown

I try to remember that the job — as well as the plight, and the unexpected joy — of the artist is to embrace uncertainty, to be sharpened and honed by it. To be birthed by it. Each time we come to the end of a piece of work, we have failed as we have leapt—spectacularly, brazenly — into the unknown. --Dani Shapiro

I can say without a doubt that every new piece is built with flailings and failings, perfect imperfections, and often the dreaded moment of "this isn't working." If it comes to such dramas, I must will myself past the panic; I fight the unknowns and mistakes, continuing to steward the concept that has come to me.

Consequently, I sit in wonder as a piece moves beautifully beyond my own anticipations and expectations. It seems to sprout wings that carry it farther than my abilities.

The muse, she certainly has wings. How else can we find it within ourselves to leap into the unknown again and again?