Summer of Discovery

  • Gathering shells to bring home inhales and exhales of our beloved ocean.
  • Counting the collection of shark teeth.
  • Learning to love fresh in-season veggies.
  • Finding a pace by painting in small squares.
  • Looking long into the mirror of the "Highly Sensitive Person;" seeing myself there, all of me.
  • Inhaling the words of Elaine Aron, Juliet Benner, Kelly Schneider Conkling, and Richard Rohr.
  • Stretching my hand to those last few inches to grasp my own visual voice.
  • Stumbling upon "visio divina."
  • Being present.
  • Art as prayer.
  • Centering prayer.
  • Soul-scapes.

I can still feel the shifting and settling deep down below the surface. The whispered discoveries. The lists of truth. The pages of illumination.