Want to go on a long walk with me?

IMG_0313-0.JPG If you were to ask me where my heart is right now, I would say it is here. In this little year long journey that represents relationships and conversation. In this opportunity to not only support, but speak deeply into my experience as an artist.

It is more than six signed prints of my favorite pieces, more than prints plus an original painting. It is an invitation to slowly sip art for a year... To witness the beautiful scary light dark side of being an artist. It's my commitment to inspire you and share a deeper side with you. It is my commitment to call you and me both to greater creativity and inspiration.

And by throwing your name into this group, you are committing to be a part of the art in 2015. You will play a real role in my creative development, with your feedback and suggestions. You will be my collaborative partner, my cheerleader, my witness.

Want to go on a long walk with me in 2015?

Sign up here.