Let somebody else be better?

do not stop "Let's just anticipate that we (all of us) will disappoint ourselves somehow. Go ahead and let it happen. Let somebody else be a better mother than you for one afternoon. Let somebody else go to art school."

Elizabeth Gilbert, a brilliant author and speaker, has the ability to call things out of me that I didn't know were there.

And did you see where she said I should let somebody else go to art school? Let somebody else be better?

My breath caught in my throat when I read her words, because I've convinced myself that I must play catch up. It's not acceptable that I didn't attend art school. It's not acceptable that 15 years of my early-adulthood were spent in another direction. (Yes, I'm choosing to brush aside the life lessons that have made me the artist I am today. Apparently they aren't good enough.)

The comparison has gotta stop. The what-ifs and why-nots. The demands to be better have got to go. Because I am only able to be my best self when I embrace who I truly am and what I have and haven't done. I can't afford to give up on my dreams because I may (or may not) be late to the artistic party. I can't just stop what I'm doing as an artist because somebody else's degree is more official than mine.

At least that's sort of what Elizabeth Gilbert said to me.

And you.

In this recent article Gilbert is adamant that women are doing enough, that we ARE enough, and yet we scold and punish ourselves for all that we think we aren't.

I want to invite you to read her words. For the sake of who you once were. For the sake of who you are now. And for the sake of who you are becoming. You can read the article in full HERE.