"No matter how much we may know about an artist..."

Received this quote via text this morning, from one of my dearest and longest standing patrons who knows me deeply. It perfectly captures the essence of the artistic life and work. And your response to my work helps me define and contextualize it. The resonance of what is revealed infuses breath as much as the creative process does. And yet, the piece never feels at its fullest. There is still a concealing. "No matter how much we may know about an artist, what an artist creates can never be fully explained. This is both a gift and a challenge of the creative process: there is a tension between what is revealed and what is concealed. The work of our hands bears the imprint of its maker and the One who moves within its making. What we create contains a measure of who we are. Even as it carries our secrets, it also has messages and meanings to convey." In the Sanctuary of Women By Jan L. Richardson