"What if I make it big?"

"Live Big" Mixed Media, 2015  More Info  HERE .

"Live Big" Mixed Media, 2015  More Info HERE.

Last night, with coffee table covered in glue sticks, paper supplies, and wine glasses, I told a group of friends about a tiny piece of news -- an opportunity taken and a door opened even further. One of them said she was worried: What was I going to do if I made it "big" with a lot of attention and couldn't keep up with everything and everyone?

Ironically, I'm in a season of embracing my limits, getting cozy in my smallness, and trusting that even though this Ride constantly feels Bigger than me, I'm doing what I am called to do: show up, paint, encourage, share, love, give, rest, and show up again.

I'm pulling back from the hustle that has consumed the past 2.5 years of me finding my creative feet. I'm pulling back from the constant stream of effort that pushes against my health and creative soul. I'm finding ways to settle into a sustainable pace.

I'm accepting that this thing is bigger than me, but that I don't have to puff myself up and overcompensate. Show up, Mandy. Just show up.

So here I am today. Small, but living as big as I can.