In the past few years, I've leaned into the rhythms of the year. It's been a sort of hybrid of holidays, school calendar, and actual seasons -- a personal calendar of sorts. And here I am building artomats again, not realizing I was doing the same this time last year.

I was talking with a friend recently about how to find our center amidst the everyday micro and macro chaos. We talked about my "rituals" of morning, the soothing predictability of my after-school time with the girls, and our family dinner-time which is a "no phone zone" and (ideally) a chance for us all to connect at the end of our day. Some of you know that over the summer we also added "no-tech nights" of piano jazz and books and magazines and no digital distractions, giving our brains and chance to slow down and take a minute of peace. 

Sounds amazing, right? We all need a bit more of those "no-tech nights" these days. Build your version, add that ritual to the end of one of your days, and see if you might sleep better afterwards.