-- We can learn as much about a person from what they don't say, as what they do say. People talk about what they care about. So, now I'm seeing the clues to puzzling personalities in those frequent blanks, those predictable silences, the things they continually fail to say. Listen for patterns of what's not important to others and you will learn a lot.
-- Learning the disempowerment that comes with unnecessary helping, and ways to budget empath-energies. My empathy transports me into others' experiences, but that doesn't mean that 1) they need my help and 2) their problems are mine to solve. I am learning to ask myself objective questions to clarify my responsibilities for how I can best serve others. (& yes, "not my circus, not my monkeys" fits nicely into all this.)
-- Up next: What slows us down more, the cough medicine or the cough?