Accepting what is...

I was sitting at a stop light, asking myself where Growth and Grace are in my life right now. Then that thing that happened minutes before—something that would usually send me flailing in resistance—flashed through my mind and I realized the inner dramatics weren’t there. Only peace, curiosity, hope.

I spent too much of 2017 resisting circumstances I couldn’t believe were happening and could do very little to stop. But a few months ago I started cultivating a “yes” towards life, letting the Idealist in me sit down in surrender to Reality. She still doesn’t take a seat easily, but she’s beginning to see the benefits.

Once I stop flailing and settle into surrender and acceptance I’m met with a surprising freedom—a freedom to use energy that would otherwise be spent in resistance, the mental space to pay deep attention to the Growth and Grace of right now, and a new sense of gratitude for what is. 

There’s so much to discover if we keep our eyes on reality. And for those of us who are looking for the work of the Divine in our lives, I can assure you that you won’t find it in your ideals and expectations, but only in what is. Reality is THE place of Growth and Grace in our lives. Say “yes” to it, and then pay attention to what happens next. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.