Examen Day 1

Welcome to Day 1, where we will begin using the spiritual practice of Daily Examen to Cultivate attention and awareness in an age of distraction.

Examen Formats to get us started:

  • My favorite guided audio-examen I often just close my eyes and think it through.
  • An overview of the examen, explaining the general steps/themes.

How to do this:

  1. Give yourself 5-20 mins at the start or end of your day, as a time to reflect on the day behind you and turn towards the day ahead. 
  2. Choose an examen format to walk through (see above).
  3. At the end of your examen meditation (or during) take notes on what stands out; this will increase your awareness and attention to both the happenings of your day and the overall patterns that emerge.

Leave any comments, questions, thoughts here and you'll hear from me again tomorrow!! Love y'all!