Examen Day 4

Mary Oliver’s instructions for living a life.

Begin today by remembering what brought you to a place of "YES" to getting a handle on your soul and walking this seven day journey with me. There lies your motivation, there lies your answer to the question of why you're doing this and what you want to get out of it. There lies your reason to maintain curiosity for what works and what doesn't, and increasing your spiritual literacy by listening to your own soul.

There is much richness ahead, y'all.

"If you find yourself thinking “oh there it is again," pay attention. That might as well be that neon light in the sky you’ve been praying for."

RESOURCES: Journals are a great way to pay attention and notice patterns as they emerge!

  • One Line a Day — five year memory journal, a way to keep track of those things that repeat themselves (Thank you Tonya!!)

  • Bullet Journal — a customizable system for journaling/organizing your life. I now use this and I could spend another week talking about how it’s changed my spiritual life.

  • And the Fresh Outlook Journal was created for short daily entries using the examen, with easy to remember steps (relish, request, review, repent, resolve)! Seriously: I love this idea. (Thanks, Claudia!)