Our Examen

During our week I worked behind the scenes to write an examen for our group, pulling from both our time together and my own experiences of reflection and Divine awareness. The idea kept popping up in my mind and around day three a long-time friend and fellow creative, Fred McKinnon, contacted me with the same vision.

And here we are.

I want to share something personal about this examen. I recently experienced a difficult circumstance that left me feeling unsure of what was going on both within myself and in the circumstance itself. In all my journaling, I was only scratching the surface of understanding, without much resolution or hope.

As I previewed this examen, a compassionate understanding washed over me. I was overwhelmed by both facing my own pain and the realization that it was all okay; that there was a Divine presence with me even then. Hope had arrived. The change in me was so real that even Drew noticed a difference, and since then I have been able to dig deeper into this circumstance with an assurance that I am held. Hope carries me.

THIS is the power of the examen, not just in reflecting and stillness and being aware, but also in a direct and real shift within our souls. We can receive a new understanding of ourselves and our circumstances if we allow a moment to recognize the Divine at work.

I know we are each finding a reflective time that works for us, and this one may not be it; and that's okay. But for a moment, enjoy this gift from us to you.