When's the last time you took a few minutes to watch the mini-adventures of nature in your front yard? Austin Kleon talks about how revealing it can be to sit in the same place for a week and record what you see, “describing the mundane surroundings” and catching the most interesting thing you see. 

A few days ago, I caught the way the early fog descends from treetop to rooftop. Last week it was the way a squirrel just couldn’t quite reach far enough to grab the new bird feeder. A few weeks ago, we watched a wasp drag a spider across the yard for three nights in a row (chilling, honestly). Sometimes it’s the way the golden-hour makes the trunks shine before falling below the horizon, or that storm rolling in from the west. There’s so much life to see, if we only slow down to notice.

(Highly recommend Kleon's 30min talk about the Steal Like an Artist Journal. Inspiring shots of others' journals will be waiting.)