Have yourself a merry little Christmas lock screen wallpaper!

I believe in accessible art. Art that speaks. Art that brings a little inspiration and beauty to our lives. I believe in helping others find creative ways to fill their lives with inspiration and beauty. Issa, one of the great Haiku masters, made haiku human and accessible for many people. He presented poetry that was accessible, that spoke a common language and brought inspiration and beauty to many people. So I recently created a series of small "Issa" paintings, that are affordable, simple, and hopefully inspiring.

Issa 10

I also believe in giving—in saying thank you to everyone who has cheered on this little artist, who has helped me believe in myself and believe in my art.

This is the part where I want to say something silly like "turn your smartphone into an ARTphone" but gosh that just ruins the mood, doesn't it? :) This is the thing: I look at my phone constantly, and it helps me when I'm greeted by a little art that says "be inspired" in some way or another.

I made another round of lock screen wallpaper for us, for a little accessible Holiday art.

Here's a few sizes for you. If your size is missing and you want it, let me know!


Creativity Tips: a little big poster from me to you

Need a little inspiration? A little something for your office or studio space to help you remember how to ride those waves of creativity? I've been collecting a list of tips and tricks I've learned along the way, and wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you will go forth and make great things!

So I made you a big and bright poster that you can print or share or use however you'd like!

To download the pdf, clickity-click the poster, or HERE:

Creativity Tips Thumbnail