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Why we are raising prices in March:

To my dear Patrons and Supporters:

You have been an important part of my journey as an artist, and I’m excited to share more growth developments with you! As you’ve seen in the past year, MT Art has not only grown into a downtown presence at the Brunswick Stewdio, but my art is being displayed in many venues in our area. And with continued attention comes a greater community of patrons and supporters. We are also setting exciting precedents in how we use proceeds to invest in charities that change the future for women and children who are oppressed by human trafficking and/or abandoned by their families, as we donated all of December’s proceeds to the International Justice Mission. We want to continue to make significant donations to this cause and others.


Image courtesy M. Garman

Image courtesy M. Garman

To reflect all of these changes, as well as my continued growth and establishment as a local artist, we will be raising prices in March. This is an exciting development as it means that the work you’ve collected from me will be considered more valuable. Not only that, but your future investments in my art will fold into the charitable donations that MT Art will continue to make.

As an artist, my deepest desire is to create art that speaks to the soul and inspires change. I am seeing dreams come true more quickly than I can absorb, and the dream of being an artist has blossomed into something that is extending not only to your life but to the lives of others who’s names and faces we may never know.

Thank you for partnering with me and being a part of the art. You mean more to me than you know.

Your artist,


Artist on a Quest

It's not often that we have opportunity see ourselves through someone else's eyes. I dare say it's a frightening and invigorating experience, one that leaves us enlightened and a bit humbled! At least this was the case for me.

My artwork, and gosh myself as well, were recently featured in Golden Isles Magazine. It's a quick little read, but is filled with information retracing my steps back into the world of art.

"During a season of depression, Mandy recalls that defining day when her therapist referred to her ways of interpreting the world as “the ways of the artist."

It's no secret that my artistic approach is one of solitude and reflection. It is a reservoir of respite for my soul, and keeps my inner landscape in balance. This is why I'm so passionate about teaching art journaling classes at our local paint your own pottery studio (Color Me Happy). Cyle's beautiful writing seemed to call that passion right out of me. Her interview questions dug down to the reality of why art is a core element of my life. My need for artistic expression came pouring out of me.

The result gave me a new take on the power of art in my own life, as well as how my art might impact others along the way. I'm grateful to be featured in the mag, and would love to share the article with you here if you'd like to take a glance:

Mandy Thompson -- G.I.Mag Article, by Cyle Lewis

Or you can view the entire Jan/Feb 2014 issue online HERE.