Artist life

One-Handed Mandy Report

-- Absentmindedly carried a can of beans across the kitchen with my left hand. No pain, no cause for alarm. #ready
-- PT at home = stretch & strengthen. My hand no longer feels like it's going to flop off my arm when I take the brace off for PT.
-- Sixth week is a balance between stir-crazy & tired. Overwhelm and pain are long gone. The worst is behind me. Now there's just the waiting. #ready
-- Appt in two weeks. Might be my last. Might wear a cap and gown. #ready #ready #ready

More Watering...


It has something to do with being empty: these moments when we are supposed to be creating and yet we just can't bring ourselves to do it. When all our creative energy is required by life before we can devote any to the canvas, and then we wake up one day and the well is dry dry dry...


We've had a series of minor complications that seem to have completely knocked me out of flow. I'm supposed to be back in the studio slinging paint yesterday but I'm sitting in a big pile of don't wanna.


This is going to take more watering than I thought.

Fighting for Flow

Big changes take time to adjust to... And with a pile of changes asking for my creative energy, pushing paint has been slow.

  • New school year.
  • Family crises.

The rhythm should return in a week or less. And I'm curious to see what it will do to this pile of canvasses I've been prepping in the meantime.

Ready to get back in flow, and trusting that it will come.