LifeBook: My Productivity & Dream Chasing Planner

Lifebook Post Image Claire Burge, an international productivity expert, has picked up on my LifeBook Process and now my Facebook crowd is asking for a course on this. (WHAT!!)

In short, my LifeBook is a beautiful way for me to chase my dreams and others have adopted these methods already, to do the same. Since sharing this info on Claire's site, others have implemented the LifeBook system and are already asking questions about how to tweak it to make it work for them. It sounds like more of us share in the frustration that DayPlanners and Productivity Apps just don't offer the versatility we need. So we're making it up for ourselves!

"Do you find yourself wanting more out of your own task-list manager? Am I allowed to confess that I gave up on digital task managers altogether?

It’s true… I experimented with a number of platforms before I decided to delete all the apps and make my own. Well, make my own book. Not app. I’m an analog girl at heart. :)

I want to introduce you to my LifeBook. Think DayPlanner on inspirational steroids, with the super-power of “customization.” It is exactly the sort of task-list manager that I need, as an artist and wife and mommy who wants to keep my eye on the big picture. It’s quite possible that some of you find that this little dreambook is the answer to some of your organizational needs! In fact, I give you full permission to take what you want from my book, and leave the rest."

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Many many thanks to Claire for catching this idea and sharing it with the world! I'm excited about those who have already implemented this system in their lives and can't wait to help others do the same.