My Top-Secret Secret to Surviving the Holidays

happy holidays?











Here we go: Brace yourself for my top-secret secret method to ensure a Happy Holiday season.

Are you ready?

I can’t believe I’m going to share this secret.

I use the holidays as an excuse to do less.

I know. You think I’m nuts, right? How is this possible when the Holidays are all manic with shopping and parties and gifts and decorations and fudge-making and cookie-eating and Tacky-Christmas-Sweater-Wearing?

Here’s the trick: Since the Holidays are so “busy,” it’s really easy to say “Well, I just can’t do that right now. It’s the Holidays and you know how crazy things are this time of year.”

The end of the year is a great stretch of time to do some thinking. And writing. And musing. And secret quiet creating. So, I give you permission (nay, I encourage you!) to pull back as well. Create some space. Let yourself take a deep breath for a minute.

Because the Holidays don't have to be manic. They can be reflective and restful and relational.

So, y’all try to stay on the “Nice” list in the next month or so. Thanks for reading. And thanks for understanding when I say “It’s the Holidays.” ;)

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