May Receivings and Revelations

May: the month of flow and uniforms and sunshine and vitality and hope... "Emotional venting without accompanying insight does not produce change." Robert Emmons

Hemingway: masterful ability to stay in flow. Always quit when you know what is next. Maintain momentum.


-- Renaissance: a revival of intellectual or artistic achievement and vigor

"For the creative mother, creativity is her life force that makes her bloom. Take that from her and you take her soul." Lucy H. Pearce

...if you allow it, you have to live with it. Do you want to live with it?



Perfect is often the opposite of play.

Someone else's "no" might be the space I need.

Is your creative work draining you? Which aspects?


Findings: - Chelsea Bentley James - Schwinn comfort hybrid - Owls - HSP, HSP, HSP!!


Learnings: - I cannot grow lavender in the house. - Legos and little girl journals bring me life. - Input => Ideas => Go => Flow - People want to touch my hair. - Myself as an HSP... - "We are deep but we are not bottomless wells." Lucy H. Pearce - Focal Point = place where lightest lights and darkest darks converge...

Gold? Gold...?

What are our strengths as HSPs?

These are just some of my May musings. The month rained inspiration and discovery, and I managed to catch as many drops as possible. I anticipate that I will continue to drink from the well of May for the entirety of the summer. I expect June and July to be just as magical.



Chasing Daylight (on morning routines)

My morning routine is fast becoming the most important element of my creative process.  I get my head in gear, my soul in check, and my body in go. It's a slow process, yes. But it is, by nature, the wandering and pondering part of my day. I spend time writing out those things that won't get out of my head. (I call this "brain drain.") I spend some time in a life-giving book (currently: Merton's New Seeds of Contemplation). I am living the questions by writing them down. I am generating ideas. I am asking myself which projects need attention today, listing my three must-do's.


Essentially, I am choosing focus and clarity. I am pushing back hurried-living and simplifying my agenda. I am "getting it together," as we say in the South.

Some might see this is as self-indulgent, but I say it is self-management. There's nothing more paralyzing than this mam-artist in hurry-worry mode. I must take care of myself before I take care of someone or something else.

So do you have a morning routine? If so, what works best for you? I'd LOVE to hear.


Marking Down, Making Room

Sale Page The clutter, I'm learning that it can smother an artist. It's in my studio these days—piles of substrates, scattered half-used paint, scraps of paper, recently finished pieces, yet-to-be-completed pieces, abandoned pieces.

It's all there.

So I'm clearing out. I'm making room, both in my physical space as well as in my mental space.

I'm also making room in my online space.

It's time to do some marking down and moving out in order to make room for what I really would like to focus on. With that decision, you have to let go of a few things.

One of the things I'm letting go of is the "Art Journal" section in my shop. Things have gotten a bit scattered in there, and I'm streamlining the store. Part of that process is discontinuing art journal prints.

So if there's one out there that's caught your attention, this the week to place that order and clear it out. They've been marked down 50% just for you. (Click on the list above to open the sale.)