Mandygrams: Why I want to send you a handmade art postcard.

Hello, how are you? And how can we connect outside of this digital and backlit world?

Art is a way to connect, a way that my soul can reach out to your soul and say hello. It brings encouragement, messy beauty, physical presence that extends beyond smartphones and social media. Art is meaty. Real.

Sending these MandyGrams postcards into the world is my way of saying you're real. And I'm real, and the notes on the backs of these cards are very real and honest moments of my life. The 5:30am stuff that often doesn't make it to my twitter feed. These Mandygrams are "real" ways that we can connect beyond comments and likes. Handmade one-of-a-kind hellos from my world to yours.

So if you're real, and you'd like a little art hello, drop your address here. This will go straight to my email and then onto the back of a Mandygram and hopefully into your mailbox!

I'd love to say hello. :)

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