A Being-Present Present, for you.

Do you pack your mind full of everything but what is happening right now? Me too. No wonder we're so overwhelmed. We're trying to think about today, tomorrow, and yesterday all at the same time.

But, oh, it doesn't have to be so...

One of the ways you can pull yourself back into the present is to use a mindfulness system that looks at what's happening in your external world *at that present moment* and then looks at your inner world *at that present moment.*

I created a little system to live with mindfulness, to help myself return to the present regularly.

So I made this card for us to use, that we can print out and have in our journals or stick somewhere that you look often.

If you want it, click it and download it!

Being Present Card

Oooh and I also made them for our smartphone lock screens, because that's really what we look at all day, isn't it?

Here's a few sizes for you. If your size is missing and you want it, let me know!