Want to achieve your dreams?

Well friends, things would not be as they are without my LifeBook system. It's my own custom-made way to get it done while chasing all of my artistic dreams. And 'tis the season for organizing and planning and readying ourselves for a new year! If you're thinking about planners or new organizational systems, give this a look. It's just for you! [embed][/embed]

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at [Dec 9] 8.05What is a LifeBook?

Your LifeBook is your very own custom-made life and dream organization system. It is a book that you build specifically for your goals, interests, and tasks. Your LifeBook holds goals both big and small. It holds important information for all areas of your life. It holds important ideas and lists. It holds details and tasks for each month. And then it breaks all of that down into manageable day-to-day pages. It's more than a planner, it's a system to organize and implement your dreams while growing as an individual and mastering your daily to-dos.

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I started "LifeBooking" out of my own digital frustration. Apps and to-do programs just didn't give me the heart and soul behind my day-to-day efforts. My LifeBook puts my dreams and important areas of life FIRST, which is what makes it so powerful.

This LifeBook Course is designed to help you create your own LifeBooking system. By the end, you will have your own LifeBook with your own unique plans and dreams. Your LifeBook won't look exactly like mine, and won't hold the same contents as mine. And that is the goal: To make an organization system that works for YOU. If you can make it work for you, then it WILL work!


Course Details:

FIVE SESSIONS, delivered via email, for $45.

The emails will roll through upon completion of each session. This means you can complete the entire course in a day or a weekend or a week. It is self-paced both for those of you who need to get organized now and for those of you who want to spend some thoughtful time preparing your LifeBook system!

  1. Let's Start LifeBooking! We dig deeper into the LifeBook system and begin the dream and planning stages! By the end of this session you will have an intimate understanding of how I use my LifeBook as well as a precise list of materials to create your own!
  2. Build Your LifeBook! We take the materials listed in Session One and assemble your LifeBook which will be unique to your own goals and needs. Just think: your very own LifeBook!

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  3. Turn Your Dreams into Reality: This is an important session where we create plans for the "big-daddy-dreaming-big" goals you want to accomplish. We will make the impossible possible! Ohyeswewill!!
  4. The Magic of Month-Making: We take an entire year and break it down into bite-sized months that incorporate your "big-daddy-dreaming-big" steps as well as giving each month a specific focus for personal expansion. A little intention goes a long way, y'all.
  5. Mastering Your Day-To-Day: In this session we address your specific organizational needs as it relates to how your day-planner side of the LifeBook is organized. We will talk about page layouts, areas of importance, and implementing the plans and to-dos of your calendar and months and dreams!

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Each session will include:

  • An encouraging and informative video from Mandy.
  • A PDF guide for each session.
  • Printable worksheets to break down the efforts and elements of each session.

Also included:

  • Printable graphics to add to your LifeBook.
  • A variety of Custom Layouts for the Day-to-Day section of your book.
  • A growing list of ideas that others are using in their books.


Session 5 Quote 1 Sess 4 Quote 2 Sess 3 Quote 2

Why sign up?

  • You want to live with intention by planning and tracking it, not just "thinking" it.
  • You need a method for chasing those "big-daddy-dreaming-big" goals.
  • You are looking for a way to integrate all the boxes and corners of your life.
  • Traditional paper planners and current digital apps just don't fit your needs.

You need a system that will turn your dreams into reality while ticking away at the day-to-day elements of life, all in a format that works for you.

Sign-up for this self-paced course and get started whenever you want to!

When you register, you will immediately begin receiving your LifeBooking emails! Here we go!

Sign up here and start LifeBooking! ($45 via Paypal)

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4 Plus

4 Plus I thought I was ready for the fresh clean linen smell of 2013.

And then I heard an echo in my soul—the hungry sound of my inner voice reminding me of the year I made a goal to write 100 songs. THAT was the year I called myself a songwriter.

The voice grew bold and challenging. It danced with the idea of another attempt—no, not with songs but with art. "I call myself an artist," it reminded me.

Yes. Oh big yes.

You know those moments in life when you realize there's something you must do. Like writing those bucket list items, but for people who are dead serious about their bucket list. It's the moment you feel alive at the thought; you know that this thing is an act of living. It's your expression of aliveness. It's your "I am here" mark on your own days. It's like you hug your own existence and declare to yourself "I'm so glad you came, now let's hit the road!"

I saw the wild glimmer of adventure in my own eye. I felt the artist heart in me beat just a little bit faster. I rehearsed waking up earlier. I planned to buy packs of canvas. I imagined stacks and stacks of art.

And then I told Drew, the one with the crazy idea of 100 songs, "I'm thinking about an art goal for 2013. I want to create 5 pieces each week." I outlined the details, the "rules" and parameters of this goal. He grinned. He sat back in his seat, rubbed his head in his hands, and nodded to support me in making this happen.

If all goes well, by the end of the year I will have 250 pieces to offer the world.

We were just talking about it again this morning over tea and coffee and nothing to do but talk. He asked me how I felt about this upcoming challenge. I raised my shoulders and shook with excitement. I've already stocked up on substrates and collage material. I'm already thinking of the resources I'll need to keep the muse alive. I'm scared. I'm giddy. I'm ready to see how high I can jump.