Why the art?

Show Flyer

Oh the beauty of the questions that have been presented to me since scheduling this upcoming art show. And one that keeps swirling in my mind is "Why?"

Not "why the show?" but "why the art?"

And, there's much to the answer, but lets start with the basics of what you will see in viewing my work: color, words, texture, open.

COLOR: I returned to painting near the end of my recovery from a couple of years of depression. With that in mind, you'd expect my work to be gloomy and a bit downcast. But in fact the pieces all end up packed with color and vivid energy. This, I believe, is my inner voice saying that there is good and light and energy and excitement to be had.

vivid closeup

WORDS: You might see scrawlings of words and confessions—some legible and some more hidden, but engaging nonetheless. Sometimes these words carry a clear message, sometimes they subtly contribute to the overall form.


TEXTURE: You will find an unmistakable background of heavy texture. I happened upon the power of texture quite subconsciously. I do remember wanting it, and finding ways to create it, but I don't remember thinking it through until I noticed the texture kept returning. The texture, I've discovered, is my way of saying that there are many cracks in the logic of life, many bumps and scratches and dents in our journey, but we are on a beautiful and lively road. And traveling in distinct and unique ways.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at [Oct 15] 9.44

OPEN: The subject matter comes from my own affinities: landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, symbologies, birdcages, words, forms. This is the most varied element of my work, the actual subject matter. But in all of these representations, the pieces have a sense of openness and honesty. They are not packed full of overwhelming imagery, but the imagery remains simple and relatable. My hope is that the imagery engages a dance of familiarity and surprise, asking you to think about what the imagery represents in your own life.


The end goal, the "why" of my art, is a dialog of questions and discoveries within the mystery of life. It's the dance of pain and purpose. Beauty and brokenness. Hope and hurt. And my desire is to show you that these things can in fact coexist to create something meaningful and inspiring.