Obringers’ Custom Paintings

Important features:

  • Majority blues, with red and coral to create area of focus.

  • Color filling canvas.

  • Pencil lines and marks throughout.

  • Colors like Bloom.

  • Not too much coral.

  • Add interest to bottom half, breaking up light blue field.

  • Possibly darken the bottom blues to lower overall intensity of color.


Third Drafts


Added elements of interest to both paintings to break up the field of blue. This gives an energy to the area of calm, and I really like the effect on the eyes. Also muted the pencil marks above the green areas in both.

We have two very strong designs here, and I am pleased!


Second Drafts


Design 1, revised

Adjusted lines to be less structured, more of a spontaneous feel like Designs 2 & 3.

Also: Did y’all notice the small hint of yellow in this, and is that okay? (Looking for non-coral ways to bring warmth and energy to the area of focus.)


Design 6, revised

Less white, more blues moving towards Bloom’s palette. I also adjusted the area of focus to hopefully look less bird-ish. (I saw an ostrich. ha) Added more pencil marks here as well.

This has more of the turquoise (top left and throughout) — would you like more of that in 1?


Design 2, revised

Wanted to keep this on the table as an alternate companion to Design 1, as it has the matching strong horizontal.

I added more green, lessened the coral, and tweaked the area of focus just a bit. (Also, small patches of yellow here, too.)

First Drafts


Design 1

Horizontal with a bit of the cross-type layout.


Design 2

Strong emphasis on horizontal, with bold blue at top.


Design 3

A lighter horizontal. May not be "strong” enough on the wall.


Design 4

Another horizontal with a bit more energy. Might be too much energy.

Design 5

Spiral format with area of focus in the bottom left quadrant.


Design 6

Spiral with stronger contrast of light/dark and more energy from the greens. I feel this is one of the strongest designs but might not have as much colorful-ness as prefered, but framing will help them stand out from the wall.

Design 7

This is a rotation of #5, giving a hint of a horizontal flow of energy between the left green and the right green. As you can see, we can play with placement in any of these, moving the area of emphasis to a different quadrant with ease.