Analogue: A Field Guide for the Soul

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In this age, attention is everything—from people to pop-ups, our world vies for our focus.

Yet there is a movement welling up, of intention, of soul-attention, of a gut-level listening to our True Self.

Analogue is an invitation to do just that. It’s a field guide on how to live soulfully in a high-tech, low-rest world. You will be inspired to connect with your own soul through notes, questions, experiences. With sketches from the beauty of an everyday world that inspire us to live in-tune with the rhythms of our days.

Each issue is built with excerpts and expanded thoughts from my journal, all from a time in which I collected “field notes” on a particular concept. And in each dispatch, we will cover a new theme, explore a new soul-concept together.

At it’s foundation, Analogue is intended to help you cultivate awareness by inviting you into practices that develop a soul-attention. Pull insights and inspiration for your journey. Dig deep into your soul through your own practices of awareness and reflection.

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Get back to the Soul.

With prompts, sketches, and extracted entries from Mandy’s own journal, you will be inspired to re-engage your own soul, and return to that place where you can hear yourself think.


A new attention.

Field notes make me want to pay more attention to capturing (noting?) my own. I'm asking questions, noticing patterns, and at times being slammed (SLAMMED) with waves of realizations. Oftentimes, too rapidly for me to comprehend, coming and going before I can grasp them. Thinking about voice-recorded journaling.

~Colette Louise Walden


Invitation to respond.

Inviting. Calm. Peaceful. I liked being invited to respond and use the publication as a kick start for my own journaling.

~Sherry Ellis

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