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Analogue: A Field Guide for the Soul

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If you are:

  • in search of focus, to minimize the noise and get to the heart of your life

  • looking for ways to live both plugged in and pulled back from the digital age

  • craving moments that connect with your soul, while staying engaged in the practical

…then Analogue is for you.

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Get back to the Soul.

I am eating up this amazing journal of discovery. “Analogue” It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before. Mandy shares her thoughts and her art work. But she also pulls us into exploring our own thoughts and ideas. It’s like sitting on my porch having a conversation with this inspiring woman with my own art supplies on the table... my favorite way to sit with friends.”

~Kathy “MK” Brooks

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A new attention.

“Field notes make me want to pay more attention to capturing (noting?) my own. I'm asking questions, noticing patterns, and at times being slammed (SLAMMED) with waves of realizations. Oftentimes, too rapidly for me to comprehend, coming and going before I can grasp them. Thinking about voice-recorded journaling.”

~Colette Louise Walden

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Invitation to respond.

“Inviting. Calm. Peaceful. I liked being invited to respond and use the publication as a kick start for my own journaling.”

~Sherry Ellis


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Analogue dispatches six issues each year, at $12/issue (+ $1 shipping).

What is Analogue?

A few years ago I started building a soul-focused life, while still remaining engaged in the world around me. A life with pockets of quiet awareness. A life that was spiritual among the practical. 

And I kept notes along the way.

I recently started thinking I’m probably not the only one searching for a way to live like this. So I decided to slowly go through my notes from specific seasons, to clarify and share what I learned about soul-level living.

Analogue is the product of those notes: a field guide for the soul.

Issues have journal excerpts, observances, stories and experiences, tools for you to engage the soul, prompts for reflection, mainly small adjustments you can make in your life to be more soulful and aware.


Analogue dispatches six issues each year, at $12/issue (+ $1 shipping).

What about past Issues?

Explore past Issues HERE.

If you’d like to purchase, email: mandy[at]mandythompson.com


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