A shiny free collection of creative resources, based on my own creative needs and activities.

If it works for me, it may work for you as well! Take and enjoy and feel free to pass them along. They are meant to be shared.

Creativity Tips: a free printable poster

Need a little inspiration? A little something for your office or studio space to help you remember how to ride those waves of creativity?

I’ve been collecting a list of tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you will go forth and make great things!

So I made you a big and bright poster that you can print or share or use however you’d like!

To download the PDF, clickity-click the poster or here.

The Look: Tips on Finding and Framing art you love.

“The Look” is a FREE document of tips and tricks for finding and framing art that you love. I do believe we should all be able to regularly engage in art that inspires us. And I know it’s intimidating to view art, purchase art/prints, and get artwork framed. I hope my little collection of tips and tricks will make it easier for you!

Download your free copy here.

A Being-Present Present: Printable + Lockscreen image

Do you pack your mind full of everything but what is happening right now? No wonder we’re so overwhelmed. We’re trying to think about today, tomorrow, and yesterday all at the same time.

One of the ways you can pull yourself back into the present is to use a check-in system for your external world *at that present moment* and your inner world *at that present moment.*

I’ve made a journaling card and phone lock screens for easy access.

Below you'll find a list of sizes to download:

Droid (540x960)

Nexus 4 (768x1280)

iPhone (640x960)

iPhone (640x1136)

Galaxy S5 (1080x1920)

A Merry Little Christmas Lock Screen

I believe in accessible art. Art that speaks. Art that brings a little inspiration and beauty to our lives. I believe in helping others find creative ways to fill their lives with inspiration and beauty.

I also believe in giving—in saying thank you to everyone who has cheered on this little artist, who has helped me believe in myself and believe in my art.

So I’m giving a little lock screen wallpaper for us, for a little accessible Holiday art.

Find your size to download it:

iPhone (320x480)

iPhone Retina (640x960)

iPhone 5 (640x1136)

Nexus 4 (768x1280)

Nexus 5 (1080x1920)

Galaxy S5 (1080x1920)