Soul Seasons Pocket Journal

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Your Pocket Journal

A guided journal, with prompts and reflection questions to help you capture the patterns of your soul.

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This pocket journal was an extra feature included in Analogue Issue 5, where we looked at aspects of various soul seasons:

  • Growth seasons—usually slow and undetected, with metaphorical growing pains involved. Often recognized in hindsight.

  • Harvest seasons—we find an abundance at our disposal, we learn how to gather and share the overflow from our life. Can feel effortless, like a release.

  • Storm seasons—marked by the sense that our world is spinning, things come out of nowhere, we are reeling. These seasons are undeniable, in our face.

  • Pruning seasons—those times we pull back on unproductive efforts in order to focus our resources. The choice feels optional yet obvious, comes as a result of discomfort, overwhelm, fatigue.

To keep track of something, we have to pay attention and record observations. Your pocket journal is intended to be a quick-reference, quick-journal for your use as you capture the patterns of your soul.

Spend a month or two observing and recording the weather patterns in your soul. As you take notes, you may begin to see a certain “soul season” emerge through repeated themes, patterns, gifts.

Pocket Journal Instructions:

Printer settings:

  • double sided

  • landscape orientation

  • short side stapling

To assemble your pocket journal:

  1. Keep in mind that this may not make sense until you hit step five, but we believe in you and are cheering you on! (Also, it’ll definitely make more sense if you watch the vid demo.)

  2. Fold the paper in half both long ways and short ways, then unfold.

  3. Cut along the creases you have just made to create four separate pieces.

  4. Fold each piece in half, making sure to keep the gray line as the outside spine of the fold.

  5. Tuck pages into the cover, checking page numbers to keep in order. You’ve got it now!

  6. As an added bonus, staple along spine to hold pages together.

  7. If needed, watch the video on our “Extras” page for a tutorial on assembly and repeat steps 1–6. You can do this!

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