Why is this page here? 

Because if you can make it work for you then it will work!

Other possible Collection Pages or Life Categories:

  • building your home gym
  • the proper care and feeding of your vegetable garden: winter, spring, summer, fall
  • Camping excursions
  • college survival strategies
  • goals for your kids
  • seasonal menus for your meal planning
  • top friends pages w/ details on them
  • exercise category w/ motivating rewards
  • road tripping
  • [your hobby here]


Possible additions to your Month Pages:

  • daily habits to focus on that month
  • meals for the month
  • house projects
  • exercise goals
  • convos with people
  • friends you want to see
  • dinner parties
  • date night ideas
  • places to take the family
  • movies you want to see
  • book you want to read
  • ways to spend rainy days this month