...do we need another invitation to rest? Do we have that place in mind that is an escape? Or a haven? A place out in the open, quiet, peaced? Is this where you long to be?

Those places where we find ourselves quiet... Open spaces for our souls to set up residence and take in all the air it needs.

Those are the places I long to inhabit most.


Canvas prints are the best replication option available and will truly make your artwork stand out. The artwork is printed on gallery wrapped canvas, with 1.5 inch thick sides and mirrored edges. These are professionally stretched and are the highest quality available. Comes with hanging system attached — ready to be placed on your wall!

The paper print comes with masterful detail and color quality. Would look great in a contemporary frame. Printed on 100 year archival satin paper. The prints are high resolution, with a crisp detail that captures the colors and subtleties of each work.

Ships flat and sturdy, well-packaged and tight in a thin cardboard box.


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