Artwork: Sacred

   Art is often a means of confession, of prayer, of meditation. The "Sacred" pieces bring together themes within my own simmering spirituality and offer them in ways that are inspiring invitations to engage in our own souls. We are all complex creatures with complex lives and complex understandings of our universe. But among all of these complexities, there is often a quiet hidden Truth waiting to be found. We must only look, and listen.

Note: Red dots indicate originals that are sold. Prints are still available; please allow 2 weeks for print delivery.


Meditatio Series, 2018

The “Meditatio Series” is an expression of the open equanimity I have experienced as of late, after having spent most of my years in anxiety and worry. This peaceful inner openness is the result of both mindfulness meditation and contemplative prayer. When in this state of balance, my inner world can be a place of hospitality and acceptance even as the stuff-of-life unfolds. While I am highly engaged in my local and online communities, I have crafted a lifestyle that includes regular time to pull away to center myself. My intention is to cultivate inner stillness, no matter what is happening externally. And these paintings are a direct reflection of this inner shift from anxiety to equanimity.